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MH001: Part II - Mental Health First Aid


This is a three-part series with the overarching goal of reducing stigma and increasing awareness of mental illness. The three parts of the series include the following topics, 1) providing a basic overview of mental health in the Orthodox perspective, 2) briefly discussing clergy self-care, 3) and learning a practical plan of action (Mental Health First Aid) to approach and care for individuals displaying signs and symptoms of mental illness. Objectives of Part 2: - Identifying any cultural considerations - Learning the Mental Health First Aid Action plan (ALGEE) to identify and help those struggling with mental illness - Learning about the signs and symptoms of 7 common mental health disorders: Major depressive D/O, generalized anxiety -D/O, personality D/O, compulsive sexual behavior, Schizophrenia, Bipolar D/O, ADHD in Childhood & Adolescence - Learn about the best treatment for a range of mental health disorders


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