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Choosing a mental health provider who is best suited to meet your personal situation and needs can be challenging. Often it is best to begin your search based on which state you live in because licensed mental health professionals are limited by state law to practice only in states where they are licensed. However, there are exceptions to this rule, so we encourage you to contact providers directly and inquire about whether or not they can provide distance services to you.


Below are some sample questions that you may wish to ask to help determine if the provider will be a good fit for your situation.

  1. What is your area of expertise?

  2. What specific approach will you use to treat my issues?

  3. What if therapy doesn’t work?

  4. What is your education, license, and experience?

  5. If requested by me, will you consult with my priest or spiritual father? What if I don’t want you to talk to my priest?

  6. What happens if I run into you at church or a church event?

  7. What if we know the same people? Will this affect confidentiality? Will they know I’m coming to you for therapy?

  8. Are you open to praying with your clients?

  9. Do you take [name of insurance company/plan] insurance? What are your fees?

Looking for assistance in finding a mental health service provider? The Volunteer Consultants at St. Verena Resource Ministry can help!

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